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4PL - 4th Party Logistics


You will have heard about 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) and perhaps of 4th Party Logistics 94PL), but may not know the difference. It’s simpler than you think - a 4PL Provider is the single point of contact for the many 3PL providers on the market.


Why use a 4PL? 


It’s often difficult to know which of the many 3PL providers has services which truly suit your needs. There is not one truly global logistics provider capable of satisfying every conceivable Supply Chain transport  requirement, i.e.,  

  • To and From every UK household

  • From and to every International destination world-wide

  • All modes of Transport, including Sea, Sea-Air, Air, Road, Courier
  • Capability to transport every type of product, from Raw Materials to Specialised Products 


This is where a 4PL can be useful. A 4PL provider knows which providers have the skills in each area and furthermore where they stand in relation to cost and service. There is always a balance to strike between cost and service, but relationships are also a key ingredient, which is where we, as a 4PL can help.

An Analogy
You will have seen the benefits to be had of using comparison websites such as, among others.   A 4PL provides the same ability to compare, but in our case, in  the field of Logistics, Shipping, and Freight Forwarding. A 4PL will find the best and most cost effective solution to fit your needs.


Based upon your requirements, we will:-

  • Continue to manage your providers continuously or periodically

  • Walk away if required, once the solution has been found and implemented.

  • Provide the solution for you to implement

  • Tell you honestly if there are no advantages to your current arrangements, at no cost.

  • Provide straightforward, cost effective and quick soultions
In short

If we can’t find any real benefits and cost savings then it will cost you nothing - there will be no charge.


You have nothing to lose by trying. The only requirement from you is time.  Time that would be well spent and may mean the difference between Profit and Loss, or, even more importantly, the difference between survival and sinking.


Why not get the assurance that you have the best solution backed up by a totally independent professional?  If anything it may  demonstrate that a relationship that you currently have with a 3PL is justified. If not, then it gives you set of objective measures to help you manage that relationship, or to change providers.  It’s our experience that even benchmarking doesn’t necessarily mean you have the best deal.  The very least you will obtain is an independent evaluation and if nothing can be gained, the satisfaction that you have demonstrated to whomsoever, that you are in control.


Remember; if there is room for improvement you should find it.  If someone else finds it, it’s far more difficult to defend your position and may induce a lack of confidence from those that count.


Not rocket science. Just years of experience!


Make contact now and make a start today!